Our purpose is to bring society, the environment and business together in a sustainable economy

Meet the team
Alex Newton
Meet Alex. Alex is founder and managing director of Musetopia and leads product development. His main interest is the creation of a sustainable, accessible economy. He brings industry experience from working in and around Silicon Valley and the City. In addition, he holds an MBA from Manchester Business School, an MSc. Computer Science from University of London and is a guest lecturer at Kingston Business School, specialising in strategy implementation.
Meet Brenda. Brenda is our main business start-up facilitator, with a strong interest in social enterprise. She brings strong consultancy expertise from running MLB Business Enhancement, the business start-up service at mlblearningsolutions.co.uk. She also brings strong customer relationship experience from a career in retail banking.
Meet Rachael. Rachael is our data analyst intern. She is on the way to an MBA from Kingston Business School and is passionate about statistics, mathematics and analytics. We're looking forward to enabling Rachael to flex her Excel, SQL, Python and Tableau skills to help more businesses benefit from the internet economy.